Monday, July 28, 2008

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

My son stopped me this morning as I was heading out to go to work. He didn't want me to go. He told me to call my boss and not go to work.

He says he is afraid of "ghosts".

By the way, my son is 2 years old.

I just wonder if he knows what a "ghost" is. I know he likes to watch this one GeoTrax Train Video where they have a "Ghost Train". He always laughs when he watches it.

Lately he has started screaming "a ghost" when he sees a shadow. I found this curious because in the cartoon there is a Train with a white sheet covering it that they call a "Ghost Train" so why would my 2 year old think a "shadow" is a "ghost"? How did he connect a cartoon train with a sheet over it with a "shadow"?

Long before my son was ever introduced to the "Ghost Train" video or even knew the word "ghost" my wife mentioned that she sometimes hears odd noises on the baby monitor. Could we have a ghost in the house? It is a new house... not some old spooky place out in the country possibly haunted by those long gone.

Is this a possibility or is it all just coincidence?

Strange, but I thought I'd post about it. If you have anything to share on the subject please post in the comments.


Tomasz said...

The source of strange noises?
Plumbing. Wind. Birds in the attic. Ants or bugs passing by. Space shuttle landing. The other you knocking from the parallel universe. :-)

Kevin said...

One of my friends commented to me verbally that the issue with noises and such through the monitor could potentially be interference from other baby monitors or even CB Radios that might be broadcasting on the same band.

I think that makes sense because before we had kids I was setting up a Video Transmitter/Receiver solution in my house and I ended up picking up my neighbors baby video monitor.

Since then I have warned my wife that if the monitor is on someone else could be watching so make sure you are dressed :)