Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Are we sure this isn't Monday?

Man, what a day and its only 8am :o

For those that don't know me, I have two kids, one 2 year old and one 6 month old. The 6 month old woke up 15 minutes before my alarm clock went off this morning. No big deal, I could get up early, but then the 2 year old woke up screaming and crying. Houston we have a problem. Needless to say while I thought I was going to get up 15 minutes early I ended up getting to the shower 1 hour later.

Okay, no big deal right... that's what having kids is all about.

Then I get into my car, ready to head off to work. I drive a real P.O.S. with a broken CD Player so I generally listen to MP3s off of my iPhone. Rutro... my right earbud isn't working. Okay, this can't be happening... knowing that the iPhone is plagued by many, many "issues" I decided to reboot. Everything worked just fine last night. iPhone rebooted... check the connection and damn, my earbud is just broke.

So what next... I have a 35 minute commute so I need tunes. How bad could the radio be? So, I turn on the radio... nothing but morning talk shows... and none of them were even remotely interesting... and none of them wanted to play any music. I found myself switching stations like a fiend hoping to find something... just something, anything. Even the classics channel sucked out loud this morning. Finally I switched the station and the tunes were rockn'... then I realized it was just a commercial for the new BK Breakfast Menu at Burger King.... but so what, it was music and it rocked!!!!

I arrive at work and that morning energy had completely fizzled out... I needed coffee big time. Remembering that I have no milk for cereal and not even any oatmeal, I decide to hit the vending machine. Remember those old classic vending machines from the 50's that people even collect these days... well the office vending machine is the model made just after those old classic models and it really sucks. It has a slot for dollar bills but wouldn't you know it, I have bills but no coins and the machine is not working.

So by now I have prepped the new QA release for my project and am ready to release it and I have downed one cup of coffee but I am so ready for a nap.

Can I get a do-over?


Kevin said...

Ah ha... someone finally got into the office that had change... so now I get to enjoy my so not healthy cheese danish :-)

Thank you Steve!

Kevin said...

To add insult to injury.... my wife has an iPhone too and I know with a 2 year old and a 6 month old she doesn't use the earphones much for listening to music or anything with the phone... so, when I got home I told her I was going to need to borrow her headset until I could get a new one and she tells me that she hated that headset, never used it and may have thrown it in the trash.

Hello, your husband has the same phone and may need that headset you don't like someday.


So dammit, I wasn't going through another morning of listening to really bad talk radio so I opted to listen to my music on the iPhone in Mono... not as good but it worked :-)