Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Friends with Blogs

You may have noticed a little "Friends with Blogs" section over on the right of my blog. This is where I link to Friends and Family that have blogs and/or podcasts.

If you have a blog and/or podcast and want to be featured here please let me know :-)

Here are the latest "Friends with Blogs
"From time to time as I find myself adding more links, I'll make sure to do a "Feature" post to tell you a little about the new link, blog or podcast.

So with that in mind, lets catchup with what has been added so far:

Brother Love Notes
Brother Love (Brolo) is a band out of New York that is really hot. The lead singer and songwriter Larry Florman is nothing short of phenomenal.

Brother Love - Album of the Year

I was first introduced to Brother Love through his Album of the Year CD. I was shocked... this guy's got talent! The music just reaches out and grabs you. You owe it to yourself to check this one out.

Purchase the DRM Free MP3s here

Or buy the CD direct from the man through the BrotherLoveRocks website.

After Album of the Year wets your appetite, you will want to check out Brother Love's new album, Turn It Up!

Turn It Up! is currently being sold only direct from the Brother Love Rocks web site and their online store, check it out!

Megablaix - The blog
This is the home of Justin Blake, a friend of mine and great Web Developer. Justin is a Ruby God and is available for freelance work if you need it. Check out his site.

Nonsense from Kyle
This is my boss' blog. I've been working in the Technology Industry for 17+ years now and gone through several companies and even more managers and I would have to say without a doubt, Kyle is best manager I've ever had... and I'm not just saying that because he reads my blog :-)

Checkout Kyle's blog for a little nonsense to get you through the day.

Step 'N Side is a podcast my brother Jeremy runs. This started as a set of mixed CDs traded amongst friends and family and has grown to a fully legal Podcast on the web. Jeremy's shows feature music from new bands. Step 'N Side works with the management of each of their featured bands to obtain the rights to rebroadcast their music to the world and at introduce them to people everywhere. Jeremy has even been in contact with a Seven Mary Three to feature them in the past as well. Check out Step 'N Side and discover something new.

T.B.N.R. Productions
T.B.N.R. is an Production Company started in Orlando, FL by a friend of mine named Chris Souza. Chris and the T.B.N.R. crew love music and art in general and they focus their efforts on recording and getting with artists that want to share their vision as well. Check'em out!

Tom is one of those friends that is always inspiring. This guy travels all over the world and is a genious programmer. Man does he have some stories and photos too... I could sit for hours watching slides of his travels. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working alongside Tom in a programming job not so long ago and our friendship continued on after we both left that particular company. Check out Tom's blog for his off-whit musings :-)

Okay, thats it for now. I'll post more as new links get added.


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