Friday, March 21, 2008

Free Music & Sound Bites

For all of you that read my articles solely through RSS and not direct from my site you may have missed a new "feature" section in the sidebar titled "Free Music & Sound Bites".

This section is where I post links to FREE music and in some cases "sound bites"... little audio clips that may be humorous or otherwise worth sharing.

As I continue to add links here I will post a weekly update for all that syndicate my content to keep you updated.

Here is the latest list of clips you may enjoy:

  • Code Monkey
    This is a song by Jonathon Coulton that speaks volumes about the psyche of a Computer Programmer. Great stuff. Even if you are not a Developer, tech-head or even a geek, you are sure to enjoy this great song.
  • 911 - Bambulance
    This audio clip is pretty old... its been floating around the net for years but it is still just as funny today as the first time we all heard it. I haven't heard this in years and a buddy of mine brought it up on a recent Griswoldesque trip to 5 Guys Hamburgers. This one will have you rolling on the floor.
Visit this site often for up to the minute updates for the "Free Music & Sound Bites" section or subscribe to my feed for weekly updates.

If you know of any great FREE Music or Funny clips you would like to share let me know and if I like it, I'll post it here to share with everyone.


1 comment:

Justin Blake said...

Awesome. I love all of Coulton's geeky music.