Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Moving Computer Programming Content

I started this blog thinking about posting Technical Articles. The focus would be around Programming in .NET and other Technologies.

Over time I found myself too busy to blog so I mostly Tweet on Twitter.

A lot of times I found myself just posting jokes or rambling rants here so I decided to keep it that way.

"A Little Something About Nothing" will continue as it is, a blog about nothing. Whatever I decide to post here will get posted when I get time. This could be anything... jokes, news or just general rants.

All of my Programming or Technical related posts will now go to my new blog:

I opted to go with a .NET Domain as my primary focus is with Microsoft .NET Technologies, including cross-platform Development using Mono and C#

For my followers who are also Bloggers, you might be interested in where I have hosted my new blog.

I considered just using Google's Blogger as that is where this one is parked and it suits me well.

A lot of people are using WordPress these days and their are tons of Themes and Widgets for it but it doesn't work well for hosting on your own domain, that is unless you actually pay for a Hosting Service, install WordPress and run it all on your own. Well, that costs money, something I don't have much of.

So one day I sort of stumbled into Tumblr

I really like Tumblr as it was designed to deal with all sorts of media. You want to post a video? Most likely it is not hosted by you... probably YouTube or Vimeo. Just copy/paste the URL into a new Video Post and Tumblr will figure out what to do to embed the Video right on your site. That's right, no futzing around with HTML or Scripts, just copy/paste a URL and you are done.

The same applies for posting Photos and Music. Each are equally easy to do.

Tumblr also is RSS Feed Friendly. By this I mean that if you want to syndicate content to your blog from somewhere else, just add a Feed and you are in business.

I played around with it for a while and then made the easy switch to hosting it on my new domain. I bought the domain for only $7.95 for a year so not much to put out for what I now get out of it with Tumblr.

Setting up Tumblr to use your own domain or sub-domain is relatively painless. You simply login to your Domain Registrar's web site, go into the DNS Entry Administration and simply change out the A Record to point to Tumblr's IP Address. Once that change takes affect (from minutes to hours to days, mine took a couple of hours) you can tell Tumblr to use your Domain and you are in business.

All in all, I am happy with Tumblr and will be posting all my Technical/Programming Articles there.

Check it out, follow me or subscribe to my Blog Feed to keep up with my posts.

Enjoy :)

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