Monday, November 17, 2008

Give Me The Good Stuff

So I went to the break room here at work this morning and while I was waiting on my coffee, I opted to check out the vending machine.

The service people had refreshed it's contents over the weekend.

I look around for a Snickers Bar but none can be found and then just before giving up, I notice a pack of Skittles with a Twix Bar behind it and then directly behind the Twix, you guessed it, the beloved Snickers Bar.

Why oh why must they torture me by hiding what I want behind assorted snacks?

Not that I really wanted a Snickers this early in the day but its the principle of the thing :-)

I think I should go buy all three and take the Skittles and Twix Bar up to the front desk and ask for my money back since I only wanted the Snickers because as you know, "Snickers really satisfies" :-)

1 comment:

blaix said...

You should have bought them all and went around the office being the candy fairy! Bringer of treats!