Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Holy Cow Batman!!!

Okay now, this is just plain ridiculous.

Notice that this is almost 11 gallons of gas and of course I used the Regular old Unleaded ($3.65 / gallon) and it was $40!!!

I know, I know, people outside of the United States have been used to outrageous Gas Prices for a long time and so I shouldn't complain... but of course I will :-)

To make matters worse, we are heading into the "Tourist Season" here in Florida and for some reason every Gas Station in Florida, especially those in Central Florida love to tack on a "screw you tourists, go home tax" to their prices which always makes gas here more expensive.

Honestly, even if there was no "Holy War" going on, Gas would go up by $0.20 every summer in Florida just to gouge the Tourists and piss off the natives.

I feel sorry for the poor people driving those mega huge SUVs and Trucks.... no, on second thought I don't :-)

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